Hand, foot, and mouth virus; Every Mother’s worst nightmare.

Taking your child to the doctor for a “sick” visit for the very first time; the last thing you expect to hear are the words “hand, foot and mouth disease”. Shortly followed by the words, “it is a virus, so not only is it extremely contagious but there are no medications that can be prescribed; it simply has to run its course”.

Now, as a first time mom, the first words that run through my head are, “what is that NONSENSE?!”. My inner monologue has a tendency to get a temper at times when she thinks of something she doesn’t like.

So, my next thoughts, “how am I supposed to fight this if there’s no medication available?”, to which the doctor tells me the best thing to do is to keep my son very well hydrated, and to keep all of his toys and our house clean and sterile. Which blows my mind, considering the challenge of keeping a house entirely clean and sterile when you have a twelve month old constantly making sure that it doesn’t stay that way. So, immediately after leaving the doctor’s office, we make a trip to the store to buy electrolyte juice, Lysol disinfectant spray and wipes, and quite possibly the biggest bottle of hand sanitizer known to man.

All the while unknowing that along with the expected symptoms; a rash, fever, and loss of appetite; that we had much more in store for us over the next 24 hours alone. Including a ravenous appetite for lunch this afternoon, instantly followed by my poor twelve month old son vomiting up his entire lunch, and throwing his purple, grape flavored electrolyte juice all over our new rug in the living room; which left a nice sized stain in case anyone was wondering.

On top of his extra symptoms, mommy has developed the virus as well. So currently we are both essentially quarantined to the house of sterilizing and cleaning every hour on the hour, coupled with extreme nausea and a very irritable young toddler that can’t seem to be pleased by anything; food or otherwise.

Ladies and gentlemen, do not let that happy mood fool you; this is a posting from a very unwell mommy and son. Here’s to hoping we get past this sooner rather than later, and it doesn’t get any worse than it already has. Sterilizing his sippy cups, toys, and all other things that touch his mouth and hands once every half hour or so has definitely kept for a busy day here in the Walker-Smith household.

However, despite the illness, my son seems to be more resilient to feeling crappy in general than I am. He still manages to find the energy to play somehow, when all I want to do is curl up on the couch with Netflix or a good book. Speaking of, any good suggestions on books or Netflix shows? I’ve watched just about everything I can think of and while I have an entire bookshelf full of novels and biographies; I have read 90% of them so I would love some suggestions for something new and refreshing to keep my mind off of my current virus situation.

Also; this is all happening while we are trying to keep from infecting Jaxson’s daddy as well. Thank you Lysol hand sanitizer!




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