Is finding a good niche really as easy as it seems?

No, H, E, to the double hockey sticks NO!

My whole idea beginning this blog was for it to be about family. My family, our daily little quirks and stumbles through life; our ups, downs, and the small in between moments that make a lifetime. Because let’s face it, the quote goes… “write what you know.”

But then there’s a realization I came upon, life isn’t full of happy moments, it’s not full of the in betweens. It’s more bad for a lot of people than it is good. Which is terrible but true.

And of all the things I always feel like I know way more about than anyone else is myself. What I go through and what I see every day. What I read in a book and fall in love with the idealism of it… you should read Tuesday’s with Morrie by Mitch Albom on that note. He’s an incredible author and the book literally changed my outlook on so many important topics in life.  It’s an incredible memoir about an astounding man in the most unfortunate circumstances you could imagine, and he uses it to bring other people happiness.


If ever given the opportunity this book is one to read; the second is a page excerpt from the screenplay for the play created from it; which I also was able to see at The Fox Theatre in Atlanta, GA.

 Originating in 1928, this theatre is both a classic and historic site, and a true gem of Atlanta, GA. It’s a former movie palace, and currently a performing arts center and is THE Centerpeice for The For Theatre Historic Distric. You can read the entrapping history of this beautiful building here.

But now we’ve ventured off topic a bit. I suppose. But how off topic do you really when the topic itself is discussing future ideas for article topics. Topic, topic, topic…

Essentially it boils down to this, from now on, I’m going to use this blog to write about what I know. In reality aren’t these types of articles? Filled with true personal knowledge and passion? Which will probably span from family, all the way to pets or books, movies, social media, or my son and some of the silly moments he has that make my days. Anything that put a piece of me out there for people to see.

Hopefully you will all like what you see.



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