Social media; making or breaking our youth? Part ONE… stay tuned

This will either be a series of posts, or one long one about the evil incarnate that is social media; and the facts of the matter. I’m leaning toward series; there’s too much for one post. Wouldn’t you say the same? Each page deserves to be looked at equally; both negatives and positives.

It’s taken over the lives of the youth around us. Yes, we live in the technology age. But that is NOT what this is. This is a matter of harassment, social and public humiliation, using the resources to “blast” other people, and every moment of everybody’s life being broadcast like a reality show.
We are not all the Kardashians, The Wahlbergs, The Osbournes, or The Honey Boo Boo Family, and sites shouldn’t follow us around treating our youth as such. And we certainly all haven’t made our living creating and selling ducks calls and continued that living as Duck Dynasty. While these shows are entertaining; they are MEANT to be. Real people’s lives, such as your children’s, and your own are NOT.

Ask yourself these questions when you’re writing a post on Facebook, Twitter, Kik, Reddit, Pinterest, or whether you’re putting a video on YouTube or posting a picture on Instagram… Is this really something I want EVERYONE on the internet to see? Because once it’s out there, it’s out there. That is the thing about the internet kids don’t understand; just because you delete a post or picture, it doesn’t mean it’s gone forever. It CAN STILL BE FOUND!
So, here’s how we start this series of blog posts…   14

For now, because it is late, I am going to begin my rant on Facebook with a quote about Martin Luther King Jr. from… but be sure we are not finished here. Soon will come, Facebook Part Two.

1-19-Martin-Luther-King-ftr            martin-luther-king-jr-day-L-xGOagM1
“Today we celebrate a man who got things done in the world.  A man who changed how we think about each other without social media.  Sadly, many people think that if they push “share” or whine about politics to their friends online they are going to “change the world.”  No, the world is changed by people like the man above, people who actually act to make change.”
Just remember, this man started with dreams and ideals just like the rest of us, and look at what he accomplished with an audience, a microphone, and without social media. Our children are still learning about his feats of civil rights in school today, and the fact that his death was not in vain; but to show people that you can do what is good and right when you set your mind and heart to it.

To be continued…




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