Find your awesome; a 30 day challenge

First and foremost; this is something I encourage every single person who sees to join in with me.

So, I’ve found a new topic to work on in between my social media posts. Find Your Awesome: A 30 Day Challenge to Fall in Love with Your Playful, Imaginitive, and Colorful Self by Judy Clement Wall.

This is a creative journal, meant to take you on a 30 day journey to learn about what it means to love yourself.

I am going to complete this journal, from day one to day thirty, and every day in between 🙃

So the whole concept behind the journal is a list of 30 different things to do over the course of thirty days; whether it’s every single day, thirty in a row, or it’s spread out over a couple months; to learn more about yourself. To re-teach yourself how to love yourself and how to rediscover the incredibly beautiful things about yourself that over time you may have forgotten by focusing on others for far too long. Not that focusing on others is a bad thing by any means; but I think all of us have spent so long working on others or with others at some point in our lives that we lose sight of ourselves and what we really want in our lives and what’s truly important to us and how much we should be caring for our own selves. It’s not selfish, it’s self love.

But I figured, hey what better way to go through a self exploration journey than with everyone or anyone reading my blog, right?


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