Day one; rules and regulations (or lack thereof)

Well I guess as good a place as any to start is with the “rules” as written out in the journal…

The Rules

There are no rules! 

This journal absolutely, positively doesn’t have to be completed in 30 days. In fact, almost all of these activities can be stretched beyond one day, into their own 30-day challenges, or (better yet!) into lifelong practices. 

The point here is to love yourself with all the heart, creativity, and good humor you can muster. If it takes you more than 30 days, all the better! 

“Life is short, live accordingly.”   – Patti Digh

This journey isn’t meant to be led by rules, it’s meant to be led by heart and emotion. I encourage everyone to read these posts, follow them, try these things for yourself and see where it takes you personally in the end of it all. When all is is said and done. The journey of self exploration and loving is generally not the neatest or cleanest. You will hit bumps along the road as will I. Some challenges will make you dig deep, reach to places that can hurt you when out in the open. But is what is life if you’re just going through the motions every day?

Wake up, eat, work, cook dinner, shower, bed, etc… whatever your routine may be. I encourage you to change it up with me. To learn things about yourself and learn how to be open, and be okay with it. Be open and know that because you’re okay with it and with yourself, that nobody can take that away from you. Isn’t that what we all want in life? Something that nobody can take away. Well forget about all materialistic dreams, your sense of self is that ONE thing that nobody can take. The only time someone can take your sense of self is when you give it to them. 

  1. Day One: Text Love
  2. Day Two: Celebrate Your Body
  3. Day Three: Make a Rockin-your-Life list
  4. Day Four: Put Yourself on a T-shirt
  5. Day Five: Be Outrageously Grateful

We will start with the first five, and see where it takes us. What’s a good story if you give away the ending right?

Tomorrow we are going to start with our first challenge; text love. Try and find ways to tell people you love them. Be creative, generous, silly. Find ways to tell people how much you care, but try not to just say “I love you” every time. Do it generously, without expectation that everyone will do the same. Do it to give, not to receive. Do it for yourself, for teaching yourself to love selflessly and not expect anything in return. Hell, keep it up for a week, see what happens in your relationships; maybe they take a turn for the better and the person or people who have felt under appreciated for so long finally know it. YOU LOVE THEM 😘

Take this challenge, and make it exciting, fun, goofy, let yourself laugh at what you say and how you tell people you care. Or do the opposite; take this challenge and confront the people who have hurt you. The ones who you may still be upset with; let go of the anger in your heart and let in love, care, positivity. 

Then try, just try to tell me you don’t feel better when you’re done. 


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