Who doesn’t enjoy a quickie?

So, this won’t be a long post. But I had to share this with anyone who takes the time to read my blog, because I thought this was so funny today. 

So my son is almost one year and a month. He’s getting his wobbly little legs underneath him and figuring out how to walk, so most days I end up chasing him around the living room trying to keep up with his mess. 

Usually while doing so, stepping on those toys every kid has that make you feel like you’ve been stabbed in the foot. You know the ones I mean right? The big lego building blocks, his Fisher Price Little People tractor animals, so on and so forth…. pretty much most of his toys. 

So mommy gets tired after a little while and lays down on the couch to play with him sitting on the floor next to me. I pick up my phone and check it because I get a text from my boss, and the next thing I know he comes… barreling (best word I can think of) at me with both arms stretched as far forward as he can, and BAM! He gets me right in the gut with his little arms, which are so much more powerful than they look. 

And the entire time I am sitting there thinking… ” I just gotten run into by a miniature person with the force of a grown man.” Maybe Popeye really did know the secret behind leafy greens! 

Then after; we’re taking a lunch break. He’s in his high chair eating some hot dog and peas and carrots… this kid literally starts throwing his food at me, on the floor, up in the air, any which way it would go. I got smacked in the face with a smushed pea (more like a few, but still…) and couldn’t help but laugh. They say not to laugh because it encourages repeat behavior, but I couldn’t even help myself. 

Thank goodness the dogs helped clean it up before peas and carrots got smashed into our nice rug in the living room! 

Plus there’s the American cheese he loves, which I can’t stand but for some reason it’s his favorite. He likes pretty much all cheese, but he can eat about four slices of American in one sitting. And can you just imagine the mess that comes along with it? In case you can’t, it involves warm, almost melted, spit covered pieces of cheese EVERYWHERE! 

And we don’t have an actual dining room, and there’s no way he would sit still enough to eat at a table without the high chair yet; I mean come on he’s only just over a year old. So it’s not like we expect him too. We’d be silly for that. But regardless, our poor living room rug…. we’re gonna have to rent a Rug Doctor here soon at the rate he’s going. Because now that he’s seen mommy laugh at him throwing food everywhere, I have this feeling it’ll keep happening. 

Then again, maaaaaybe we will get really lucky and he won’t remember? Yeah I didn’t think so either. 

Moral of the story for mom I think… it’s time to get a mat for under the high chair! And maybe a stomach guard while you’re at it. With my little mini Godzilla, no body part is safe. 

But that’s why we love being moms right? Those funny moments you wish to death you could have gotten on camera? Or the sweet ones where they come up to you and lay their head back against you like you’re just a giant pillow. 

All I know is, these are two of the many things that make motherhood so enjoyable to me. My baby’s little surprises. Everyday is something new and exciting in his world. It makes me wish I could see everything through his eyes. 

Thank goodness for our babies, that’s all I have to say. Once we hold them and that kind of love makes its way in to our hearts; there’s nothing more beautiful in the world than the love of a parent. 

So this one is for all the parents out there. Remember, all you need is love. And your babies, love is all they need. 


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