Why is there so much horror and hate in such a beautiful world? 

So a terrible tragedy happened last night in downtown Salisbury.

Nobody ever expects to pull onto the road they work on, and see yellow police crime scene tape within walking distance from where you park your car. Not that we really expect to see it most other places either if we’re being honest… but having friends you know work in the building where there is a crime scene out front. That’s got to be the most terrifying feeling by far.
I pulled onto the street where I work yesterday afternoon, only to see in front of me a section of the road that had been closed off, surrounded by crime scene tape. Covered by police in uniform, their car lights lit up like Christmas in July.
But then I heard the sad truth of the story behind this scene in front of my eyes. At approximately 2:30 yesterday morning on 7/30/2017, two young men were shot and murdered. One of which died on the scene, the other made it to the hospital only to later succumb to his fatal injuries.

To obtain facts released by law enforcement at this time, view the article here. I don’t claim to be a journalist, or a news reporter. So this is nothing that I am trying to glorify, nor should it be. But it is something that makes you think about how precious every day we have on this earth truly is.

There’s a saying I’ve always been told, “today is called the present because it is a gift”, and until yesterday I thought I truly understood the meaning. Only after finding out about the horrible scene, hearing stories from people I see at work, and realizing that danger is in this world around us anywhere you look, did I truthfully think deeper into the meaning of this phrase. This simple sentence that I’ve heard so many times, it almost just went in one ear and came out the other.
The truth of the matter is, we are only human. We aren’t immortal. And the choices we make, and the choices of those made around us; whether they be our family or strangers, these choices have ripples that spread in every direction. And they don’t just affect those people that we know and love, they affect more people than we will ever have the capacity to realize.

I came home yesterday night, after a busy and bustling night at work, and peeked into the nursery where my innocent, precious, child slept peacefully. Unknowing of the world that he’s just now learning to walk on, can be such a terrifying place.
I found myself looking at him sleeping, his face so peaceful and at rest; feeling a rush of jealousy coming over myself. Jealousy and wonder of what someone so small could dream of every night; what their mind conjures up for them to enjoy while they rest and rejuvenate. Jealousy over the pure innocence and ignorance that a child has of the cruel state the world they live in can come to. The world they can see as beautiful and wondrous, exciting and enthralling, astounding and unbelievably extraordinary all at the same time; can also be the world that we see as scary and full of temptation, we expect to find trouble around every corner and every turn, we look for the worst in people instead of trying to let the best of them shine through, a world where anyone we meet could have some hidden agenda, and secret motives.

In this world we live in, where things like a double homicide happen on a Friday night in downtown Salisbury, NC… the world where bad is seeming to begin to overpower the good. Don’t we all long for the innocence we see in our children’s faces? The pure unsoiled joy in the laughter they let out when playing a game of peekaboo or being tickled? The feeling of safety and security, the feeling that as long as mommy and daddy are with them, the world is their playground; bound by no rules or unsafe boundaries they can cross. The pure obliviousness that comes with the innocence of not seeing all the bad that this world can throw upon us. Heartbreak, deception, loss, fear, and the chance that any moment could truly be the last moment we see.

This seems as if it’s turned into more of a ramble than a post or an article. But is there a person out there who doesn’t feel the same things are true? Is there someone out there who looks at their newborn, their toddler, their child at play and thinks, “wow, I’m glad I got past that naivety and realized what terrible things this world can truly show us when we least expect it.” Is there someone who doesn’t wish to feel that type of joy and pure happiness again, no matter how naive it may be.

Is there really anyone out there that doesn’t wish to feel this kind of happiness for a reason as simple as throwing a ball across the room, or playing peekaboo with a blankie? If there’s anyone out in the world who doesn’t wish for the innocence of a child; what is there better to wish for?

In this crazy world, this crazy life we all live in; there’s nothing better than knowing at the end of the day when we come home we can feel safe. We can be safe.

Because the safest feeling and state of being in this life, the best way to live is to love and be loved in returned. Love wholeheartedly like you’ve never been hurt, and live like there’s no tomorrow. Because in the end, sadly, none of us know when that will actually happen.

I guess in the end of it all, the moral of this is… don’t take a single day for granted. Don’t take a moment of happiness for granted, no matter how fast and fleeting. And by any means necessary, hold onto the things and people dearest to you. Who knows when you may not have the chance to again?
Who really knows when this day… when this day will be your last?
Love with all your heart.
Give with all you have the capacity to.
And always, ALWAYS love with every ounce of your being. Always let those you love know just how much they mean to you. Never hold back on love.


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