Sorry for the radio silence folks! I’m back!

So we’re going out of order on our days; at least in my blog I am. I know I’ve promised this journey with you readers and haven’t actually done any of the days yet. So here’s my day one; which is technically “Day 14” in the book. It gives you a task of listing 10 people you are grateful for and why. So here’s my list! 

Though I am going to stick to ten people, I am grateful for so many more people who are in my life. I might do a second post about this challenge later on. After all we are making our own rules right? So if you decide to follow along and do the same, feel free to list as many people as you think of. 

Here it goes! 

  1. Joshua Smith. First of all, because he is an amazing father to our son and he works his hardest every single day to make sure we are provided for. And who has always been supportive of my dreams. No matter how crazy they might be or have been in the past. And he always looks out for our families’ best interest. Every action he makes is part of a bigger plan to put our family in a better place. 
  2. My son, Jaxson Stone Smith; for showing me every single day that pure innocence and joy is possible, no matter how much bad is in this world today. For showing me that even though people are out in the world getting hurt and so many other things that are terrible, in his eyes the world is a place full of excitement and wonder. He’s not scared of what he will see on the news or scared of who he will hear about getting hurt that he knows, he looks out at the world with eyes full of excitement and anticipation. Plus it never hurts that he makes me smile every day in some way or another. 
  3. My mother, Teresa Brown; for ALWAYS taking care of me. No matter how badly shit hit the fan sometimes, she has always stood by my side. This woman has stood up for me when I didn’t deserve it, fought for me when I should have been left in the ring alone, and been by my side literally every time I needed anything. If I end up being the kind of mother to my son that she has been to me over the years, I will be more than happy with the way my life has turned out. She’s always put her kids and family first in every aspect of life and comes out swinging for us when she needs to. If I can manage to grow and become half the woman and mother that my mother has been for me, I could be happy with my life and the way I’ve turned out. 
  4. My sister, Elizabeth; for the simple reason that she is my sister. And she Is one of the strongest young women I know. Most days it feels like she has her stuff together as a mother more than I do. Her little girl is one month old as of yesterday! And she’s been handling it like a pro the whole time. Not only am I grateful for this young woman, I’m lucky to have her to look up to when I hit the ground and I need somewhere to look.
  5. My best friend; Kacey Kenton Dickerson; who has stood by me through the worst of my times and the best and we’re still standing almost a decade later. Through all our arguments, makeups, relationships, breakups, living together, from being family to one another all the way to starting families of our own. Having a second sister would be an understatement when it comes to this woman. But that’s what best friends do, isn’t it; they stick together like PB&J no matter what and this woman is the jelly to my peanut butter. She’s a kind soul and I look up to her for the strength she shows every day, being the woman she is. 
  6. Jeffrey Hawkins, who I have had the pleasure of watching grow into a strong, handsome, young resourceful man that he has become over the last decade. Someone who I am also incredibly lucky to have as my best friend. Someone so dedicated and determined he will get whatever he wants out of life because he works his ass off and goes for what he wants. To say I’m proud of him, and having him in my life, my family, would be a drastic mistake. Because not only am I proud, I’m lucky, and I’m grateful for this man to be in my life. He’s one of many people that I’d be lost without. He’s stood by me through more than most people ever deal with in a lifetime, and he’s never budged an inch no matter how tough the road may get sometimes. 
  7. My stepfather, Robert Brown, who did absolutely anything he could for me while I was doing everything to shut him down and push him away while he was only trying to be a pisitiv make infurnce. I can’t tell how grateful I am for his patience over the years or we wouldn’t have the great relationship we do now, but this man has endured so many tantrums, attitudes, arguments, and many other things when he could have easily thrown up his hands and given up. But he never did, and to this day remains one of the best men I know. Patient, kind, and loving to all people he knows. 
  8. Annalise Marie, my new beautiful niece. I’m grateful to be an aunt for the first time, to such a beautiful little girl who takes my breath away. I can’t wait to watch this little beauty grow into a young woman with the enourmous heart and spirit of her mother. 
  9. My older brother, Ian Brown. For always being an older brother I could count on. Not once have I ever needed him and he’s not been there for me. And he reminds me all the time of how strong most of us can be in this life, even when filled with turmoil and faced with difficult decisions. If there’s someone I’ve known in my life who’s faced difficulty and come out swinging only to make it to the other side better for it, it is this young man who I am proud to call my family. 
  10. I know I’m late with this portion of this post, but I had to get a picture together for it. My grandparents are the last but certainly not the least on my list. My grandmother taught me my entire life about patience and understanding. And pop, my grandfather has shown me what a man should be. He’s always loved with his entire heart and soul. These have always been the two moral compasses in my life, because not only have they shaped my mother into the woman she is, that has shown me what it truly means to be a mother and to love unconditionally. 


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