Quickie number two; have you ever wanted to be a writer? 

I want to hear your stories. I want to hear the stories you didn't know how to put into words. I want to see from other people's eyes and points of view and learn.  I want to be a writer. And not just blogs, but I want to become a serious writer one day. I [...]


Why is there so much horror and hate in such a beautiful world? 

One of the many things you never expect to walk into your work and hear about... a shootout and murder of two young men? Anybody see that one coming? It doesn't matter your area, this is horrible; everyone's minds should be on the families who lost loved ones, and what can be learned from this. Life is a gift, not a right.

Social media; making or breaking our youth? Part ONE… stay tuned

This will either be a series of posts, or one long one about the evil incarnate that is social media; and the facts of the matter. I'm leaning toward series; there's too much for one post. Wouldn't you say the same? Each page deserves to be looked at equally; both negatives and positives. It's taken [...]

Is finding a good niche really as easy as it seems?

No, H, E, to the double hockey sticks NO! My whole idea beginning this blog was for it to be about family. My family, our daily little quirks and stumbles through life; our ups, downs, and the small in between moments that make a lifetime. Because let's face it, the quote goes... "write what you [...]